May 25, 2017

3-Bullet Thursday: 5/25/2017

3-Bullet Thursday 5/26/17 from the best acupuncture clinic in Washington DC

My new power drink:

Start off with Nativas Cacao Powder. Add boiling water, and stir in a little Really Raw honey. Then a dollop of full fat cream. Oh wait, I mean a full 1/4 cup. Stir. Savor the deliciousness. Enjoy the calmness of the cream, mixed with the energizing and heart opening effects of the chocolate. Cream is from from Clear Spring Creamery (available at the Dupont Farmers Market on Sundays). Enjoy!

The new trend – pour-over tea:

My mom just got back from a 2 week trip to Japan. Focus: tea! A really cool pour-over tea bar was one of her adventures, in the Sangen-Jaya neighborhood of Tokyo:
Pour-over tea bar

Saturated fat not conclusively linked to heart disease:

And, speaking of full fat cream, as a follow up to my mini book review of The Big Fat Surprise (rest of the book was awesome by the way), here is a Chris Kresser article summarizing many of the salient points on how, in fact, science has not proven a link between saturated fat intake and heart disease.
Best regards,
Jeremy Riesenfeld, Co-owner
Transformational Acupuncture

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