March 22, 2018

3 Ways to Manage the Transition to Spring

Manage the transition to spring in Washington DC
I really love springtime. It’s warm, there are flowers and sunshine, the days are longer, and it just makes me smile. However, it’s not all birdsong and cherry blossoms–as many of us know, spring can also be a volatile season. Some people find that if they don’t make an effort to adjust to the changing seasonal energy they can experience some unpleasant symptoms, such as:
  • anxiety,
  • frustration,
  • irritability,
  • depression,
  • headaches,
  • menstrual cramps.
I offer you a few of my go-to practices for managing the transition through spring.

Get up and move in the springtime!

One of my favorite ways to harmonize with the upward and outward energy of spring is to begin to bring in more movement and exercise into my routine. It’s natural for our bodies to turn inward and slow down during the cold winter months, but the winds of spring urge us to stretch out wide and get our hearts pumping. Over the past few days, this has resulted in several spontaneous solo dance parties in my apartment and a surprising enthusiasm for jumping jacks.


I LOVE cupping!  I get regular cupping treatments at our clinic year-round for muscle aches and pains, but I find additional benefits to cupping throughout the spring. It improves the circulation in my body and helps keep me feeling physically and emotionally relaxed. It also speeds up my recovery time when I inevitably overdo it on the springtime exercise excitement. Our clinic here in Washington DC offers stationary cupping sessions as well as cupping massage sessions.

Create and Initiate

Spring is the time to move up and out with our ideas as well. I always feel an intense push to action in the springtime, like I’m strategizing my plan of attack on life and beginning to follow through with the first steps.  It’s the season pull up all those plans and ruminations from the winter months, lay them out, and set them into motion. I’ve begun this process recently by skimming through my journal from the past year and pulling out ideas, goals, and challenges. Next steps will be to sift through them, prioritize, and then get moving!

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