July 27, 2017

Foot Reflexology at the Clinic, Forest Bathing, and Stopping Junk Mail

Here’s your 3 bullet Thursday, folks!

A new service here at the clinic

Foot reflexology. Courtney started offering this service to a few clients recently, and I had a chance to talk to one of them right afterwards. A good word to describe them: blissed out. Come and get yours, before we open it up to the masses by posting it on our website. To schedule, book a “Cupping and Holistic Bodywork” session with Courtney on our website.

Forest bathing

I was telling my brother Dave about our recent meditation retreat up in the CO Rockies, and he sent me this article about forest bathing – which is, essentially, meditative walking in nature. It seems to have all the benefits of mindfulness meditation, plus other health benefits unique to being in nature, such as exposure to the beneficial chemical compounds given off by a variety of trees and plants.

Get rid of your junk mail, increase mental bandwidth!

Speaking of nature and trees, let’s save some trees (and mental bandwidth) by getting rid of our junk mail. Some good first steps:
1) – stops credit card offers
2) – reduces direct mail offers
I just did both, we will see in a few months if there’s a noticeable reduction.

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