October 12, 2017

Shower filters?

Benefits of using a shower filter

Shower filters

Many of us have water filters (’cause DC tap is nastay!), but few of us think about shower filters. Shower filters are really good because they take out the chlorine – in a hot steamy environment the last thing you want to be doing is breathing in chlorine. It also helps reduce dry skin and dandruff, and makes the water softer (I think). I had a filter for a long time but haven’t had one for a few months since our bathroom got renovated (thank you landlord!). We got this one from Aquasana and have been loving it.
And special treat for the loyal readers of 3 Bullet – we got an extra one because it was BOGO. Enter by posting an interesting and positive piece of news on our Facebook page sometime today or Friday, and we will draw from a hat for the lucky winner! We need more cool, interesting and fun things to waste our time looking at online (instead of going into adrenal fatigue in fear, shock and anger every time we see the “news”). I look forward to seeing what you post.

Gaia tv

Speaking of cool, fun and interesting things to watch online, if you are a total and complete new age, spiritual, conspiracy loving geek-nerd, like me and Nadia (and Andrei), you will enjoy Gaia TV. Definitely the spiritual netflix.

2 weeks with no email/facebook/browser on my phone:

Feels awesome.
Thanks for reading this edition of 3-bullet Thursday!
Jeremy Riesenfeld, L.Ac. – Clinic Founder

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