April 6, 2017

Spiritual Netflix, Paleo Bandwagon and Meditation Update

What we're thinking about this week at our Washington DC acupuncture clinic. It's 3-bullet Thursday!
Hi all, here’s our 3-bullet Thursday for April 6:

Our spiritual Netflix

Nadia and I like to watch our nighttime tv occasionally, and often we’re in the mood for something spiritual. is basically our spiritual netflix, with 2 hour interviews of over 390 spiritual teachers. Conducted by Rick Archer, they cover a wide range of spiritualities and personalities.

Back on the Paleo bandwagon

Well, not really, but after increasing my crossfit style workouts to 4 days a week, our coach Amy at Studio Centerpointe has recommended higher protein intake. So Nadia and I broke out The Zenbelly Cookbook, a Paleo cookbook by Simone Miller that has some aawwesome southwest inspired meat recipes. After a little trip to the Dupont farmers market… hello to Simone’s cocoa-chili pork shoulder, and delicious chili recipes. And I have to admit I’ve been supplementing quite frequently with Teaism’s grassfed local brisket tacos…

Meditation update

Nadia and I hit the 45 min/day mark starting late March. Have hit the mark most days (a couple days at 20 due to some unexpected travel). Combined with the 4 days/wk workouts – – more serenity, more confidence. Highly recommended!
Best regards,
Jeremy Riesenfeld, Co-owner
Transformational Acupuncture

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