Erin Lisette, Office Manager

Erin Lisette
An Artist At Heart

From the ages of 5 to 19 I told myself and everyone around me that I wanted to become a veterinarian when I grew up. That’s why I got my BFA in Digital Art! Haha, you make plans and life laughs. I love animals but not in a scientific way. I don’t want to count them I want to interact with them and hug them! At the time I changed my major from science to the arts there were no “professional animal hugger” job listings in the paper so, with my mother’s blessing, I started going to school for the only other thing I’ve loved since I was 5, illustration and storytelling. 

I am now active in the local small press and illustration scene. I often sell my illustrations and comics at conventions like AwesomeCon and Small Press Expo (SPX). When I’m not at a convention I’m working on one of many passion projects or small stories. Because of my artsy-fartsy dealings you can always find me scrolling through Instagram and Twitter in my spare time.

Skin and Hair Care

I may have super short hair in my profile picture but don’t let that fool you! I LOVE hair and skin care and the people at my local Sephora know me when I walk in. There’s something about being “into something” that feel good, especially when that something benefits you and boosts your confidence! But I like to take skin and hair to the next level by searching for the perfect blend of products that will bring out the best from top to bottom.

To add even more to my body care regiment I’ve been searching for ways to only use natural products in my care routine. After all, the chemicals we find in those expensive hair and skin care products are already naturally occurring in fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Archery and Outside

I have always loved the outside. There’s so much space and the world just seems to slow down and make more sense when you spend quality time with nature. I lived in Colorado for 5 years while I went to school at Colorado State University (GO RAMS!) and my love for the natural world only grew once I discovered what real wilderness felt like. I took up archery and even though I don’t have as many opportunities to shoot arrows in the city I still have my compound bow and I’ll never let it go.

Creating Safe Spaces

I am so happy to be apart of a community that builds people up with care. After a variety of jobs over the years I feel like I’ve found somewhere where I can work from a place of compassion and effect people in a positive way I didn’t know I could.

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