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Jeremy Riesenfeld

My interest in holistic medicine began in much the same way as many of my patients’: with health problems. In my early 20s, upon graduating from UC Berkeley, I found myself with chronic fatigue, anemia, digestive problems and depression. I desperately wanted to feel better, and decided to join a work-study program at the Heartwood Institute, a training center for the holistic and healing arts in Northern California.

Healing Journey

It was there that I discovered a wide range of holistic healing practices: I practiced meditation, yoga and tai chi; changed my diet; took herbal medicine; got acupuncture and bodywork, and started to address difficult thoughts and emotions. As I began to recuperate, I understood how effective such a deeply comprehensive approach can be. It can take grit to heal – learn more about my healing journey here.

Acupuncture Education

After the Heartwood Institute, I was inspired to enroll in acupuncture school. I selected the Tai Sophia Institute (now the Maryland University of Integrative Health) for its emphasis on mental and emotional healing, holistic wellness and lifestyle coaching. In 2007, I graduated from their Master’s in Acupuncture program, and I received certification in Chinese Herbal Medicine the following year. The Tai Sophia Institute provided a solid and comprehensive education in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. But just as importantly, Tai Sophia Institute taught a thorough program of what I now call Holistic Health Counseling. In my studies, I learned to think outside the dominant medical paradigm. Bob Duggan, the founder of Maryland University of Integrative Health, taught an excellent framework for looking beneath the labels of a diagnosis to see the actual phenomena of the emotions and body. In this way, the patient can learn to become more present and mindful to their own actual experience. As a result, and with the guidance of an experienced Holistic Health Counselor, the patient can then connect the dots – – see the causal links between their beliefs, emotions, lifestyle behaviors and physical/emotional health symptoms. In combination with acupuncture, this approach to Holistic Health Counseling lays the groundwork for a patient to recover their health naturally, and for the long term.

The 8 Keys to Healing: How I developed my comprehensive approach to healing

In addition to my acupuncture studies at Maryland University of Integrative Health, I have studied the full range of Chinese medical healing arts. The true beauty of the Chinese medical system is in its holistic, comprehensive approach to healing. It offers a “healing way of life”. In a well-known metaphor, Chinese medicine is considered to be a tree with 8 branches. While acupuncture and herbs comprise one branch, there are several other vitally important aspects to Chinese medicine: meditation, qigong, tai chi, breathing exercises, yoga, nutrition, feng shui, and knowledge of daily and seasonal cycles. For the past 15 years, I have completely immersed myself in learning these traditions in great depth, participating in numerous trainings, retreats, and certification courses. My discoveries took me far beyond just acupuncture, to a deep understanding of how our life activities as a whole intimately affect our physical and emotional health. This led me to develop the 8 Keys to Healing, a flexible, comprehensive approach that we apply at the clinic today.

Personalizing your treatment

After working with patients for nearly a decade, I have found that no single set of treatments works for everybody. While our 8 Keys to Healing approach is designed to address the major areas of our patients’ lives, we personalize it to suit each individual. Together, we help you build a customized program that can include a range of treatments and holistic practices: from acupuncture to meditation and feng shui to Chinese nutrition counseling. 

My commitment to your well-being

Through your treatments here at our clinic, we hope to pass on to you the benefits that I myself have received over the past 15 years. Please contact us via e-mail or drop by the clinic if you’d like to know how our services could help your particular situation. We look forward to working with you.

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