Nadia Bouhdili, co-owner & operations manager

Pronouns: She/her

Nadia Bouhdili

Just a few short years ago, things were very different for me. I was working in corporate communications an ocean away, and I never imagined — not in my wildest dreams — that I would head up an acupuncture clinic in Washington DC. (Good one, Life!) As it turns out, that sudden and dramatic circumstantial shift now feels like a perfect fit for me. Transformational Acupuncture has become both an ideal work environment and the perfect impetus for personal and professional growth.

Good people, good vibes

Jeremy and I designed the clinic to feel like a peaceful sanctuary in the midst of downtown DC, but in retrospect, we did it for ourselves too. There’s nothing like operating in an environment that is peaceful, happy and bright.

This ambiance is created and maintained by our intention, the decor (and even regular space clearings). But most importantly, the entire staff is on the same wavelength: they are heart-centered people (we strongly emphasize this in our hiring process) who consciously contribute to that “sanctuary feel” that so many patients appreciate upon entering the clinic.

Plus, as a person who is particularly interested in holistic health and personal/spiritual development, I have access to professionals brimming with knowledge and wisdom on those topics. Being here daily is like rocket fuel for my quality of life.

Our patients are also a constant source of inspiration for me personally. Whether they’re here to heal physical pain naturally or work on themselves as a whole, they’re investing time and energy in what is very important (and strangely, what is all too easy to put on the backburner).

Daily adventure

As a co-owner, the clinic also represents the adventure of entrepreneurship. I have more roles, responsibilities and creative freedom than in all of my previous jobs combined. There’s never a dull moment, and I couldn’t imagine a better locus for expanding my comfort zone and relaxing resistance. This clinic has accelerated my growth in multiple directions at once. Quite frequently I realize that wow, I’m a different person than just a few months before!

Dreaming bigger

Entrepreneurship is not always comfortable, but it’s good. I particularly appreciate the way it has expanded my sense of possibility. I never thought I’d be the kind of person to build a clinic like this one. Now that we’ve achieved what we have, wilder dreams also seem possible: new vistas for the clinic, as well as aspirations in other areas.

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