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Departing pearls of wisdom from our first office manager, Nina

Our beloved Nina is leaving Washington DC and we will  miss her dearly. She wanted to write a goodbye letter to the Transformational Acupuncture community  – here it is: — Dear Community, It has been an honor to meet you all at the front desk of the clinic! My time here has been more than […]

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3 Ways to Manage the Transition to Spring

I really love springtime. It’s warm, there are flowers and sunshine, the days are longer, and it just makes me smile. However, it’s not all birdsong and cherry blossoms–as many of us know, spring can also be a volatile season. Some people find that if they don’t make an effort to adjust to the changing […]

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Shower filters?

Shower filters Many of us have water filters (’cause DC tap is nastay!), but few of us think about shower filters. Shower filters are really good because they take out the chlorine – in a hot steamy environment the last thing you want to be doing is breathing in chlorine. It also helps reduce dry […]

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Best steak ever, meditation update, and Rumi’s poem on Mindfulness

Here’s your 3 bullet Thursday: Best steak ever My energy levels had been dipping down lately, and I had an instinct that it was time for a steak. Nadia picked up a grass-fed NY strip steak from Glen’s, produced by Roseda Farms in MD. (They actually have a really good meat section, but it’s pretty hidden – at […]

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Busy Person Lies, Meditation Study Group, Cool Stuff a Client is Doing

Here’s this week’s 3-bullet Thursday – what we’re loving this week! How do you actually spend your time? The Busy Person’s Lies: This is a cool article from the NYT where several people actually tracked every hour spent for a year, and ended up challenging some of their own core assumptions: “I don’t have any […]

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3-Bullet Thursday: 5/25/2017

My new power drink: Start off with Nativas Cacao Powder. Add boiling water, and stir in a little Really Raw honey. Then a dollop of full fat cream. Oh wait, I mean a full 1/4 cup. Stir. Savor the deliciousness. Enjoy the calmness of the cream, mixed with the energizing and heart opening effects of […]

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3-bullet Thursday: 5/18/2017

Andrei will be in Budapest Make sure to book your tickets! Our very own Andrei Stoica, L.Ac. is teaching 2 international workshops in late May and early June! Andrei Stoicaval will be teaching in Budapest! Andrei is going to be taking some time off in May and June to head back to Romania for a […]

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Spiritual Netflix, Paleo Bandwagon and Meditation Update

Hi all, here’s our 3-bullet Thursday for April 6: Our spiritual Netflix Nadia and I like to watch our nighttime tv occasionally, and often we’re in the mood for something spiritual. is basically our spiritual netflix, with 2 hour interviews of over 390 spiritual teachers. Conducted by Rick Archer, they cover a wide range […]

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