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How to heal migraines naturally

If you’ve had one, you know: a migraine is so much more than a headache. Patients with migraines often report that they get in the way of their day-to-day lives, forcing them to cancel plans, stay in bed and call in sick. Here’s how we help our clients–like the ones below–become migraine-free, naturally. Most common […]

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Migraine case studies from our acupuncture clinic in Washington DC

There’s nothing like living migraine-free after having these monster headaches! Here are a couple of real migraine patient cases and the outcomes from our acupuncture clinic. Patient “JC” came in for persistent migraines following medical leave, combined with stress, ulcers, insomnia and more. “JC” came to the clinic with frequent severe migraines. Just off a […]

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How to deal with stress naturally

Stress is perhaps the most common issue we see at our Washington DC acupuncture clinic. Not only is acupuncture amazing for stress, but we also help our clients deal with stress on multiple fronts, both on and off the acupuncture table. Read on to find out how. Common causes of stress Let’s be real – […]

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How to heal your allergies and sinus problems naturally

Our acupuncture clinic is located in Washington DC, often referred to as the “capital of allergies.” As such, there is no shortage of clients who come in to see us for allergies, chronic sinus pain, and sinus infections. Here is our natural, holistic approach to healing their allergies and sinus issues–whether or not they are seasonal. […]

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How to heal neck pain naturally

Neck pain is a very common symptom that we see at our Washington DC acupuncture clinic. And it’s a symptom that we have successfully helped many clients with over the years. Here is our holistic approach to healing neck pain. Common causes of neck pain Injury Stress Poor posture Bad sleep setup (mattress, pillow, etc) […]

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How acupuncture works for tension headaches

Do you have tension headaches with any regularity? If so, congratulations – you’re part of a colossally large club. Of all headache types, tension headaches (also called myogenic or muscle contraction headaches) are the most common, with the World Health Organization reporting episodic tension headaches for 70% of some populations1. Read on to find to […]

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How acupuncture works for migraines

An estimated 36 million people in the US suffer from migraines – that’s a lot of headache.  But migraines are much more than a bad headache. They are a collection of debilitating neurological symptoms that can last from 4-72 hours. The most common symptoms experienced by migraine sufferers are: throbbing/pulsating pain extreme sensitivity to light, […]

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The bitters truth (for digestive health)

Digestive bitters refers to two elements: something that helps the digestive process, and something that has a bitter flavor. Campari wouldn’t be the same without it Digestive bitters are composed of a combination of medicinal herbs, some having a strong bitter flavor.  They have been used throughout European history, to stimulate the digestive system in […]

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Natural Healing for Allergies and Sinus Issues: The 8-Step Protocol

This patient’s allergy testimonial helps sum up the results of taking a thorough, holistic approach: “I have had seasonal allergies to a variety of pollens and grasses since childhood. In my teens, I had allergy shots for several years, but have generally relied on medications like Allegra to alleviate my problems during the spring, summer, […]

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Acupuncture for Insomnia: A Case Study

I’m very pleased to publish the first case study from my Washington DC acupuncture practice.  “Jennifer” is a 28-year-old patient who came to my office in April with lifelong insomnia, which had been getting worse in the past 6 months. Read her case study to see how acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet and exercise changes, and […]

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Build Your Immunity With Chinese Herbal Medicine

In my Washington DC acupuncture practice, clients often ask about Chinese herbs vs. Western pharmaceuticals. One of the biggest differences between conventional Western pharmaceuticals and Chinese herbal medicine is that the Chinese herbal medicine tradition contains many herbs that help strengthen and boost the vitality of the body.  These are called tonic herbs. One of […]

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