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Morning Sitting Meditation and Morning Tea Meditation at the Clinic!

Jeremy here! I’m starting a wonderful new series at Transformational Acupuncture that I’ve wanted to do for ages – weekday morning meditations. Peace Inside for Peace Outside My goal is to give people a chance to enter into sacred, peaceful space before their workday. When you do this for yourself, it’s a form of activism […]

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Give yourself a daily vacation with a meditation practice

Here we cover two vitally important things to keep in mind if you are just starting a meditation practice or continuing a pre-existing meditation practice. When NOT to get discouraged Here’s the first one: remember that the goal of any particular meditation “sit” is not to come out feeling more peaceful. Any given meditation may […]

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Prime your mind to investigate the BIG questions in life with meditation

This article goes out to all of the deep thinkers, philosophers, spiritual seekers, existentialists and lovers of truth out there. Below we discuss one of the TOP reasons to have a meditation practice: to qualify your mind for insight and understanding. Meditation boosts your mental acuity so that you can ponder those BIG questions in […]

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How meditation helps you be less judgmental (and more discerning)

Here we will outline how to free yourself from one of the most common compulsions of the mind: judging. We’re talking about that incessant judgement of people, places and things. Here’s what we’ll cover: Why you’d want to cut down on judgmentalness How you can live without judgment The difference between judgment and discernment. How […]

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Use meditation to generate (and spread) positive feelings

There exists a type of meditation specifically designed to change patterns of negative thought (sweetening the mind), cultivate the qualities of love, and send that good, positive energy out into the world. The Buddhists refer to this type of meditation as “loving-kindness” meditation. After you read about it below, you may agree with me that […]

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How meditation makes you more like Neo from The Matrix

You know that scene in The Matrix when Neo finds himself face-to-face with a spray of oncoming  bullets? He expertly handles the situation by slooooowing everything down and neutralizing the bullets. They drop to the ground like pebbles before they ever reach him: A regular meditation practice can help you become impervious to the “bullets” in […]

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Sensitize yourself to the subtleties of experience with meditation

We have described meditation as an exercise that helps you develop “life skills” for your mind. Here we will look at life skill #2: sensitizing yourself to the subtleties (of experience): what these subtleties are, how meditation sensitizes you to them, the dangers of letting them go unnoticed, and the benefits of identifying them. You […]

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Cultivate the World’s Most Useful Attitude with meditation

This is our first micro-meditation lesson as part of our 10-Day Chill Pill Challenge (overview of the lessons and challenge here). You can also watch the Live Stream replay of this lesson below: One of the top reasons we recommend meditation is that it strengthens and develops the most useful attitude a human being can […]

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10 Micro Meditation Lessons Livestreamed from Facebook

Welcome to this very first installation of our 10-day Chill Pill Challenge: a series of 5-minute mini-lessons on meditation that are available as Facebook Live Streams (on our FB page) and instructive blog articles (like this one). The objective is to help you use meditation to cultivate: Peace of mind Clarity Focus Lucidity about your […]

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