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Co-owner & Operations Manager

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Everyone on the team has a highly appreciable savoir-être, characterized by kindness, gentleness and high emotional intelligence. 

—  Pronouns: She/her  —

My involvement with this clinic came by way of love: founder Jeremy started out as my boyfriend, and just a few months later we teamed up professionally. It was a fast-moving package deal.

Yin and Yang

Today I help the clinic run smoothly, consider necessary changes to the way we operate and navigate us through those changes. I’m a more invisible member of the team, often operating behind the scenes. I work most closely with Jeremy, and we complement each other well (I’m more conservative and focused on practicalities while he’s naturally expansive—full of vision and new ideas.)

My Ilk

The clinic is a great fit for someone like me in a city like DC. I have a longstanding interest in health and personal/spiritual development, so I’m happy to have access to a team of professionals so knowledgeable in these areas. I particularly appreciate a certain savoir-être that everyone on the team exhibits, characterized by kindness, gentleness and high emotional intelligence.


Our clients are also a source of inspiration for me personally. Whether they’re here to heal physical pain naturally or work on themselves as a whole, they’re investing time and energy in what is very important (and strangely, what is all too easy to put on the backburner).

Other Things

When I’m not thinking of the clinic, I enjoy spiritual study, joking around and building a parallel career as an artist.

Playa Peñon Del Cuervo, Málaga, Spain

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