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What conditions does acupuncture treat?

People come to see us for a range of physical and mental/emotional problems. Most patients come in for multiple health issues to address. Here are just a few:

Chronic or acute pain – Migraines – Back ache – Sciatica – Stress – Anxiety – Depression – Insomnia – Sinusitis – Allergies – Sports injuries – High blood pressure – Digestive issues – Low energy – Chronic fatigue – PMS – GYN issues… and more.

What happens at the first-time appointment?

Your first session will consist of a health history conversation, as well as an acupuncture treatment. We will talk about your chief complaints, as well as some of the underlying causes that may be at play. To finish the consultation, we will outline an initial plan for acupuncture treatment, as well as discuss an initial plan for lifestyle changes that will be beneficial for your condition(s).

The total time of the first appointment is usually an hour, but allow for 1 hour and 30 minutes in your schedule in case the discussion or treatment takes a bit longer.

What patients say about acupuncture at our clinic

“My baseline level of anxiety is remarkably lower. Things that sent me spiraling at work just don’t affect me anymore.”

“Honestly I came to acupuncture out of desperation – I had tried everything else. It has helped immensely with pain that my doctors were resignedly calling “chronic”. I feel like I have a new lease on life, waking up in the morning without pain!”

“I healed enough to safely run my race… I exceeded my personal record and placed third!”

“The entire clinic team – practitioners and admin included – is so warm and competent. The acupuncturists have a tremendous amount of kindness and wisdom to impart.”

“I wanted to go above and beyond treating certain issues — I wanted a total health overhaul. I felt like the practitioners new how to approach me and my health as a whole. This is a medicine that effectively accounts for the mind-body connection.”

“The clinic is a place I look forward to going to. It’s a sanctuary for me, like a gift to myself. I start to unwind as soon as I walk in the front door.”

How to use the 15FIRST promo code
  1. Schedule your first-time acupuncture appointment for a date on or before 02/01/2015. Type “15FIRST” in the notes section when you sign up for your appointment, or simply mention the code at checkout.Schedule my discounted 1st-time appointment online
  2. If you would like a coupon to bring with you to the clinic, click on the image below to download it. Remember, promotion is for appointments booked for a date on or before 2/1/2016.

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