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Cupping and Herbal Medicine in Washington DC

Did you know that clients come to see us for services other than acupuncture? Our clients here in DC benefit greatly from cupping and customized herbal medicine formulas (and now they’re both more affordable – read on to learn more). Benefits of herbal medicine and cupping They may not be as well-known as acupuncture, but […]

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How to design your weekly routine

First, a provocative question for you… In the last month, what percentage of your free time did you spend doing things that are “important” or “meaningful” to you–things that “matter”? If you are like most people, your answer is WELL under 50%. To increase that percentage, please accept this free download that has helped me and […]

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Chinese herbal medicine for insomnia

When insomnia rears its restless head, it can have many different faces. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine recognizes several different patterns of insomnia, and treats them according to their specificities. Here we walk you through four common types of insomnia and the herbal formulas used to address them. But broadly speaking, Chinese herbal formulas treat treat […]

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Essential Breathing Techniques

Many patients in my Washington DC acupuncture practice have two goals in common – to experience fundamental emotional peace and greater physical well-being.  And they want to find ways to sustain this peace and well-being in their daily lives. Patients coming into my office may not call it a desire for peace and well-being, but […]

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Acupuncture for Insomnia: A Case Study

I’m very pleased to publish the first case study from my Washington DC acupuncture practice.  “Jennifer” is a 28-year-old patient who came to my office in April with lifelong insomnia, which had been getting worse in the past 6 months. Read her case study to see how acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet and exercise changes, and […]

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