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Cupping and Herbal Medicine in Washington DC

Did you know that clients come to see us for services other than acupuncture? Our clients here in DC benefit greatly from cupping and customized herbal medicine formulas (and now they’re both more affordable – read on to learn more). Benefits of herbal medicine and cupping They may not be as well-known as acupuncture, but […]

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How to heal neck pain naturally

Neck pain is a very common symptom that we see at our Washington DC acupuncture clinic. And it’s a symptom that we have successfully helped many clients with over the years. Here is our holistic approach to healing neck pain. Common causes of neck pain Injury Stress Poor posture Bad sleep setup (mattress, pillow, etc) […]

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How acupuncture works for sciatica

Different types of sciatic pain Sciatic pain (sciatica) usually affects only one side of the body, with the pain extending from the lower back/buttocks down the leg. When asked to specify what they’re feeling, our patients with sciatic pain describe the following: Pain in the buttocks or leg that worsens with sitting Burning, tingling, or […]

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How acupuncture works for back pain

Back pain for all ages… We all know the quintessential image of low vitality: the hunched, hobbling elderly person, one hand holding a cane, the other supporting their aching back. But if our patients are any indication, back pain does not discriminate by age. We have as many twenty-somethings coming in for back pain as […]

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