We provide effective, natural and comprehensive ways to achieve emotional peace and physical well-being. Browse through this section to learn more about the approach, ideas and people that define our clinic.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture is well known for its ability to treat both emotional and physical health issues, naturally. Many people successfully use acupuncture to address pain, stress and a wide variety of other health issues.Learn More About How Acupuncture Works

Our Approach

Whether you’re experiencing a physical injury or illness, mental or emotional distress, or a desire for spiritual awakening and inner change, the most profound and long-lasting results come from addressing all areas of your life. A comprehensive approach is key to what we do at Transformational Acupuncture.Learn More About Our Approach

Your Practitioners

The experienced practitioners at Transformational Acupuncture represent a range of specialties and backgrounds, but they share two things in common: a love of people and a passion for helping them achieve deep, lasting health and wellbeing using natural, holistic methods. Learn More About Our Team

Meet the Founder

Jeremy Riesenfeld, M.Ac., L.Ac., has a passion for helping people transform their lives and health. For the past decade, he has used acupuncture and holistic health coaching to help patients with a range of mental, emotional and physical conditions. Learn More About Jeremy

The 8 Keys to Healing

Whether your treatment plan involves group classes or individualized holistic health coaching, we build it on a solid foundation: the 8 Keys to Healing. Developed by the clinic’s founder, the 8 Keys to Healing reflect the classical 8 Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They include meditation, relationship skills, physical exercise, nutrition and more.

Learn More About The 8 Keys to Healing

Inclusion Statement and Gender Information

Creating a safer space for a diversity of individuals is our goal at the clinic. Read our Inclusion Statement, and explore our resources on gender identity.

Read Our Inclusion Statement

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