Overview of our services

At our clinic, you can benefit from several different services, outlined below. These services are designed to address a range of different health conditions (physical, mental and emotional).

Acupuncture Sessions

At our acupuncture sessions, you get high-quality, individualized and affordable acupuncture treatments. By focusing on the acupuncture treatment, and not spending time with extensive personalized holistic health coaching, we are able to offer our acupuncture treatments at very affordable rates (about 40% less than the going rate for acupuncture in Washington DC). Our intention is to make it as easy as possible for you to come in for the optimal treatment frequency, thereby achieving both relief from symptoms and stabilization at a healed state.Learn More About Our Acupuncture Sessions

Herbal Medicine Consults

“If only I had known about herbal medicine sooner!” People first discovering herbal medicine often express this feeling. They are amazed at the results they get, the lack of side effects, the no-dependence approach, and the number of health conditions they can heal with a given custom herbal formula. Many are also happy to find that they no longer need the pharmaceutical medications they have been taking for years. With a full herbal pharmacy, we offer herbal medicine consultations as a stand alone service, or as a powerful complement to acupuncture. We are proud to carry over 130 time-proven herbs and formulas at our onsite pharmacy. Learn More About Our Herbal Medicine Consults

Stationary Cupping with Acupuncture

Here is an affordable way for you to enjoy the myriad benefits of cupping. As an add-on to your acupuncture session, your practitioner applies cups to the relevant muscle groups and leaves them on in “suction mode” as you rest. Read on for benefits, rates and more. 

Learn More About Stationary Cupping

Cupping Massage

Small wonder that our clients here in Washington DC love cupping massage: not only is it therapeutic, but it feels absolutely wonderful! It’s great for relieving muscular pain, increasing blood flow, activating the lymphatic system and soothing the nervous system. 

Learn More About Cupping Massage 

Gift Certificates & Gift Cards

We have gift certificates available online (more info here) and we also have gift cards on hand at the clinic front desk. Get an Online Gift Certificate Here 

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