Join our Group Practice as a
Full-time, Salaried Acupuncturist!

Jumpstart your career as an acupuncturist with a plenty of patients, the full support of a team, and free of worries about attracting clients, marketing, insurance claims processing, and generating enough income. (Though you’d learn the ropes for all of these essentials by virtue of operating in the clinic.) You focus on treating patients, we take care of the rest. 

Not yet graduated, or not located in the DC area? No problem: CURRENT STUDENTS and RECENT GRADS are encouraged to apply, and we would fully support you through the DC licensing process. 

This is a full-time salaried position at our top-reviewed Chinese Medicine clinic in downtown Washington DC. You would be joining a truly collaborative group practice, sharing patients and clinical insights with fellow members of the team (5 other full-time acupuncturists and 2 admin staff members). You’d be part of a truly unique clinical model for acupuncture (this is not a community-style clinic).

Start date: November/December 2018 (allowing the lead-time for getting a DC license).

Highlights of the position, details and how to apply below.

Marianna Csaszar - Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist
Marianna Csaszar,
Jamee Pineda, MAcOM, L.Ac.
Jamee Pineda,
MAcOM, L.Ac.
Andrei Stoica
Andrei Stoica,
Courtney Codina
Courtney Codina,
Jeremy Riesenfeld
Jeremy Riesenfeld,
M.Ac., L.Ac.

Highlights of the position

  • Evolved office culture: heart, transparency, professionalism, kindness and open communication are all explicit values upon which we base our management style.
  • Support of fellow practitioners in a non-competitive context: you will be collaborating, growing and sharing clinical insights with a team of fellow Chinese Medicine practitioners. All positions are salaried rather than commision-based, so there is absolutely no sense of competing for clients.
  • Focus on your patients and therapeutic outcomes: full-time admin staff covers office management, marketing, scheduling patients, insurance billing and collection of payment.
  • Work-life balance: 20 days of PTO and 4.5-day work weeks (the half-day is for chart noting and worked from home)
  • Salary: $45k (more about salary in job description below). Additional benefits include: payment for health insurance, partial payment for CEU requirements, full malpractice insurance coverage.
  • Lovely work environment: the clinic space is serene, aesthetically pleasing and often described by our patients as a “sanctuary”. It is located right in Dupont Circle, one of downtown DC’s most popular neighborhoods. (Photos of the clinic here).
  • Self-care facilitation: staff members come in for regular treatments from their fellow team members at no cost.
  • Quickly gain a LOT of clinical experience and help a LOT of people
  • Hone the art form of helping clients identify the root causes of their health issues, and address those causes through lifestyle and personal transformation
  • Discover your clinical and healing gifts, and put them into practice.

Who we’re looking for

We owe our success thus far to the fact that we look to hire people whose personality and character make them a good, harmonious fit in the culture we have created. Here is how we describe that person:

  • Excellent bedside manner: your verbal interactions with patients should be as therapeutic as your treatments.
  • Skilled communicator: with both patients and fellow staff members. You can field a range of personality types – including the occasional difficult one – while maintaining a pleasant demeanor and a focus on positive outcomes.
  • Strong work ethic and pride in your work.
  • Sensitive and empathetic. 
  • An interest in committing to the clinic for at least a few years
  • Self-care savvy: as you surely know, any healer is in danger of burning out if they are not proactive with their self care. This is especially important at our clinic, because you will be very busy with patients here.
  • Pleasant and professional demeanor towards staff — you come from the heart, not from the ego. No drama.
  • Creative, helpful, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude: our clinic has a “start-up” feel to it. As we grow, we need all staff members to contribute their creative suggestions for improvement and be willing to pitch in with one-off non-routine tasks as needed.
  • Desire to work alongside colleagues who strongly value spiritual and personal development.

Acupuncture / Chinese Herbology skills

All of our acupuncturists are generalists because we see patients dealing with a broad range of mental, emotional and physical issues. However, it is important that you feel happy and comfortable treating patients who come in with:

  • musculoskeletal pain,
  • stress/anxiety/depression and
  • women’s health and fertility issues.
Styles of acupuncture

While we encourage all styles of acupuncture at the clinic, we request that all practitioners be very fluent in a distal needle acupuncture style for pain relief, like Dr Tan or Master Tung. You are enthusiastic about learning / deepening your knowledge of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method and other approaches that enable excellent clinical outcomes. ( And don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the Dr Tan approach – we will train and support you.)


Collaboration with your fellow practitioners on staff is one of our keys to success. We discuss patient cases at our weekly staff meeting and informally throughout the workweek (since we all share patients). You see the value in discussing and sharing clinical approaches, and appreciate the breadth and depth of knowledge available to you as part of a group practice.

Herbal medicine

Our clinic has among the largest Chinese herbs pharmacies in the area (granular herbs, using Legendary Herbs and Evergreen brands), and we offer custom herbal medicine consults. You will need to be comfortable seeing patients for herbal medicine consultations and preparing custom formulas with a quick turnaround.

Roles and responsibilities

Your main responsibilities as an acupuncturist at our clinic will be:

  • Being an excellent clinician
  • Timely documentation of chart notes
  • Impeccable charting for insurance patients (following charting protocols for re-exam, proper indication of diagnosis codes)
  • Attendance and active participation at weekly regular staff meetings
  • Maintaining a sense of ownership regarding the clinic’s success and providing continuous feedback on the clinical, HR and operational aspects of the clinic
  • Help managing our herbal pharmacy
  • Occasionally checking in/out your patients when front desk staff is absent.

A note on salary

Since a salaried full-time position is a very rare bird in the acupuncture field, we think it’s important to compare this salary with being in private acupuncture practice. Based on our calculations (from our own experience), we estimate that you would need to make over $90k in gross revenue in your private practice in order to net the salary/benefits offered for this position (see chart below and compare bold orange row and bottom bold green row). 

Job and Salary Chart


Please send a resume and cover letter to after reading through the entire job description above. In your cover letter, please be sure to describe why you would be a good fit for our clinic, based on how we describe it above. We will confirm receipt of your application within 48 hours of submission. Please note that we are only accepting applications from US nationals who are attending or attended an acupuncture school in the US. We look forward to hearing from you!

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