In-Office Safety Precautions

Our patients’ health and safety is our highest priority, and we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our clinic a safe, clean, and healing space.

In-Office Safety Precautions

Based on recommendations from the DC Department of Health (DC DOH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the leading acupuncture councils, we are implementing the following protocols to protect you from COVID-19:

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Screening all patients, visitors, and staff for any signs of a respiratory infection or potential exposure, taking temperatures before treatment, and requiring hand-washing upon arrival.

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Arranging seating and treatment areas to allow for social distancing and disinfecting them and other high-touch areas after every patient use.

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Limited Admittance

Limiting visitors coming into our office.

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Requiring masks or face-coverings for all patients, visitors, and staff.

As a healthcare clinic, Transformational Acupuncture is actively working to ensure our staff becomes vaccinated for coronavirus (COVID-19). We encourage all patients to make informed decisions about their health through information provided by the Centers for Disease Control, the District of Columbia, or with conversations with their primary care physician.

While vaccination programs are still being rolled out, the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. We encourage you to continue washing your hands with soap and water often, avoiding close contact with others, wearing a mask, and disinfecting high-touch objects and surfaces. Also, learn more about herbal formulas that can boost immunity.

Virtual Health Options

Telehealth sessions are available and conducted via HIPAA-compliant video service. A link will be emailed when you schedule your appointment.

Telehealth is available for the following:

  • New patient pre-acupuncture consult (30-minutes)
  • Returning patient pre-acupuncture consult/check-in (15-minutes)
  • Chinese herbal medicine consultation (15-minutes)

We encourage you to book telehealth appointments the same-day or within a few days of your in-office acupuncture appointment.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or you have been exposed to the virus, please reschedule your appointment immediately or schedule a telehealth virtual appointment.

Making Your Care Safe, Accessible, and Peaceful

Acupuncture and holistic health are vital as people are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, and exacerbated pain during these uncertain and trauma-causing times—ailments don’t quarantine. People still need care, perhaps now more than ever, and Transformational Acupuncture will go to all lengths to make acupuncture and Chinese medicine safe, accessible, and peaceful.

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