Benefits for federal employees

Good news for federal employees here in the DC area: you have access to plans that cover acupuncture. If interested, you can enroll in one of these plans during open season (Nov-Dec 2017). Below is a list of federal employee plans that include coverage for therapeutic acupuncture.

Federal health plans that cover acupuncture

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan
  • Standard option: you pay a 15% copay and have 24 visits per calendar year
  • Basic option: you pay a $30 copay and have 10 visits per calendar year.
Download Blue Cross Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan PDF
Foreign Service Benefit Plan (FSBP - administered via Aetna)
  • Plan covers up to $60 per follow-up visit (this would cover the entirety of our follow-up / return visits)
  • 40 visits authorized per calendar year
Download FSBP Health Benefit Plan PDF
SAMBA Health Benefit Plan (through Cigna)
  • 26 visits per year
  • Copay of 10-35%, based on whether you opt for the High or Standard option, and whether the plan is PPO or non-PPO.
  • Covers certain types of pain relief.
Download SAMBA Health Benefit Plan PDF
APWU Health Plan
  • No visit max.
  • Copay of $18 for the PPO, copay of 30% for the non-PPO plan.
  • Covers certain types of pain relief.
Download APWU Health Plan PDF
Yes, you can use your FSA or HSA for acupuncture

Did you know that you can use your FSA or HSA money for acupuncture? Use your FSA or HSA card here at the clinic. 

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