Embryo Transfer

How to Improve Chances of Implantation After Embryo Transfer

Our treatment plans are tailored to your health, lifestyle, and goals so you can have the best chance of successfully completing the IVF process.

Fresh Embryo and Frozen Embryo Transfer

It’s time for the final step in the IVF process: embryo transfer. This is when the fertilized egg (embryo) is placed directly in the uterus in hopes of implantation. While this is an exciting time, it can also be a nerve-racking time as well. We are here for you to make sure you are physically and mentally as healthy as possible through each stage so you can increase your chances of success and even relax while doing it.

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Our Holistic Approach to Improving Chances of Implantation after an Embryo Transfer

We take a holistic approach to the entire fertility process, starting months before IVF and continuing throughout pregnancy and postpartum. This gives the body plenty of time to heal and prepare for conception and, eventually, carrying a baby. Our treatment plans are tailored to your health, lifestyle, and goals so you can have the best chance of successfully completing the IVF process.

How to Improve Embryo Transfer Success Naturally

Many of our patients become pregnant through IVF after starting acupuncture, especially those who have not been successful in previous IVF and IUI attempts. Acupuncture treatments before, day of or day after, and beyond are shown to improve fertility outcomes while also stabilizing systems throughout the body, reducing IVF medication side effects, and improving mental health.

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Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture Before and After Embryo Transfer

Acupuncture treatments performed before and after embryo transfer improves fertility outcomes by readying the body for pregnancy. Treatments harmonize yin and yang energies, qi and blood, improving uterus health and uterine lining. Consistent treatments also balance hormones and improve blood flow to the ovaries and uterus. Benefits extend to every system, reducing side effects from IVF medications, regulating the menstrual cycle, and reducing stress and anxiety levels that can heighten during this time.

These treatments will work just as the sessions preceding them did. Patients can expect to have acupuncture needles placed on the lower abdomen, legs, arms, and sometimes elsewhere, such as the ears.

Acupuncture Before Embryo Transfer

It is very important to schedule acupuncture before embryo transfer. This will build upon the work of previous sessions and prepare the uterus and uterine lining for implantation. You can book your acupuncture appointment for 1-24 hours prior to transfer. If you feel having several appointments in one day will increase stress, we recommend acupuncture the day before embryo transfer.

Day Before Embryo Transfer Tips

The day before embryo transfer is all about taking care of yourself. Find ways to relax and reduce stress levels, get plenty of sleep, hydrate, eat healthy meals, and take it easy on exercising. Acupuncture before embryo transfer is also an important step as you prepare. 

Some recommended foods include warm soups, whole grains, legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas), healthy fats, lean protein (low-mercury fish and chicken), fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Acupuncture After IVF Embryo Transfer

It is important to get acupuncture after embryo transfer to increase the chances of success. This session will improve the health of your reproductive system while also helping reduce stress. You can book your acupuncture appointment for 1-24 hours after transfer. If you feel having several appointments in one day will increase stress, we recommend acupuncture the day after embryo transfer.

Acupuncture the Day before Embryo Transfer

You’ve already helped your body in so many ways by receiving acupuncture treatments throughout the IVF process. It’s important to continue those acupuncture treatments so you can get the entire benefit of this therapy. Schedule acupuncture before embryo transfer, booking either the day before or the day of transfer. If you feel having several appointments in one day will increase stress, we recommend acupuncture the day before embryo transfer.

Acupuncture on the Day of Embryo Transfer

Getting acupuncture before embryo transfer is an important step in preparing both your body and mind for this final step in IVF. You can schedule an appointment up to 24 hours before the transfer appointment, but you can also receive acupuncture up to an hour before transfer.

Acupuncture the Day After Embryo Transfer

You can improve the chances of embryo transfer success by scheduling acupuncture the day after embryo transfer. You can go directly to acupuncture following the transfer, but the prime window is up to 24 hours after transfer. It can be stressful to have multiple appointments on one day, so please plan ahead to ensure you are as relaxed as possible.

Acupuncture 2 Days After Embryo Transfer

Acupuncture after embryo transfer is important and will ideally take place within 24 hours after transfer. If you are not able to make it in that prime window, you can schedule an appointment up to 48 hours after transfer. Any point beyond the 48-hour mark will not benefit the embryo transfer procedure.

Acupuncture 5 Days After Embryo Transfer

Now that you’ve fully completed IVF, you can resume your normal acupuncture schedule. Regular appointments will continue to improve your health as you go through pregnancy or prepare for another round of IVF.

Day After Embryo Transfer Tips

There are a few activities to do and avoid the day after embryo transfer. The most important thing is to take extra good care of yourself. Focus on doing things that help you relax like reading, watching tv, walking your dog, or practicing gentle yoga. It’s also important to include acupuncture in your self-care schedule, making an appointment right after the transfer (1-24 hours following transfer), and keeping up your regular appointments afterward.

A few tips on what activities to avoid after embryo transfer include vigorous exercise and having intercourse. It’s also important to avoid the temptation to take a pregnancy test. It may be a full two weeks before pregnancy can be detected. Focus on relaxing and taking care of yourself until then.

Chinese Herbs After Embryo Transfer

Chinese herbs and herb formulas might be a part of your overall fertility treatment plan. If that is the case, it’s important to continue taking herbs as recommended. We do not normally recommend taking Chinese herbs if taking them only during the embryo transfer stage. Please consult with your endocrinologist and discuss with your herbalist before taking any herbs.

A Physical and Mental Benefit


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Dr. Miramon made the difficult IVF process so much more seamless, both physically and emotionally. I can't recommend them enough for couples going on a fertility journey, whether you're just starting to try or going through any kind of treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Embryo Transfer?

Embryo transfer is the last stage in the IVF process. This is when one or multiple embryos are inserted into the uterus.

What Is the Difference Between Fresh and Frozen Embryo Transfer?

The difference is that the embryo transfer happens within 2-4 days after egg retrieval if a fresh egg is being used. Freezing embryos allows you to choose when you want to transfer the embryo.

Which Is Better Fresh or Frozen Embryo Transfer?

Data from the CDC has shown a slightly higher success rate with frozen embryos. Research is still ongoing.

Is Embryo Transfer Painful?

An embryo transfer feels similar to a pap smear. A speculum is used to hold the walls of the vagina open while a catheter is used to place and insert the embryo(s).

How to Prepare for Embryo Transfer

Preparing for embryo transfer is all about taking care of yourself. Eat a healthy meal, find ways to relax, get plenty of sleep, and avoid strenuous activities. Your acupuncture treatment can be 1-24 hours before the transfer. (Forty-eight hours before the transfer is the furthest out we recommend receiving treatment.)

How Long After Egg Retrieval Is Frozen Embryo Transfer?

Fresh embryo transfer typically happens 2-4 days after egg retrieval. If choosing to freeze embryos, you can decide when to transfer them. Consult with your doctor for recommendations on the transfer timeline.

How Many Days After Period Is Frozen Embryo Transfer?

When you want to transfer a frozen embryo, your doctor will have you start estrogen medications 12-14 days before transfer to prepare the uterus. Progesterone will begin around 6 days before the procedure.

What Happens After Embryo Transfer?

Immediately after embryo transfer, your doctor will likely have you rest at the clinic/office. You should rest the next couple of days and schedule acupuncture the day after transfer. Your doctor will check to see if the transfer was successful 12-14 days after the transfer procedure.

What to Do After Embryo Transfer to Increase Success

The most important thing is to relax after transfer. Set up an acupuncture session 1-24 hours after embryo transfer to improve the success rate.

How Long After Embryo Transfer Does Implantation Occur?

Days two and three are when cells begin to attach to the uterine wall, beginning implantation. Around day five is when implantation is complete.

What Are the Symptoms of Implantation After Embryo Transfer?

A few days after implantation you may experience symptoms that are similar to period symptoms, including spotting, cramps, breast tenderness, nausea, fatigue, and vaginal discharge. There also can be no symptoms after an embryo transfer.

How Soon After Embryo Transfer Can You Test?

Around day nine you may take a blood test to determine if you are pregnant. It is recommended to wait 14 days before taking a pregnancy test.

How Many Weeks Pregnant Are You After Embryo Transfer?

On the day of transfer, the embryo is a little over two weeks aged. Once two weeks have passed after transfer and a pregnancy test can be performed, the pregnancy can be up to five weeks along.

Can One Embryo Transfer Result in Twins?

Yes, the transfer of one embryo can result in twins. The chances of conceiving twins are higher when undergoing IVF treatments.

Is It Safe to Have Intercourse After Embryo Transfer?

It is not recommended that you have intercourse following an embryo transfer. It is recommended you wait up to fourteen days before resuming sexual activity.

Can I Take Shower After Embryo Transfer?

Yes, you can take a shower after embryo transfer. Avoid soaking in a bath or hot tub though, as embryos can be sensitive to heat.

Can You Exercise After Embryo Transfer?

Resting one to two days is often recommended after embryo transfer. After that, you can resume exercising. You should still avoid strenuous exercise at this stage.

What to Eat After Embryo Transfer

You can eat almost anything after an embryo transfer. Avoid those foods and drinks that can cause stomach cramps, gas, or stomach contractions (like carbonated beverages).

Can I Eat Spicy Food After Embryo Transfer?

Eating spicy food after embryo transfer is probably fine. Just avoid foods that upset your stomach.

Can I Sneeze After Embryo Transfer?

Bless you! Sneezing, coughing, laughing, peeing, and any other movement cannot cause an embryo to become dislodged.

Is Acupuncture Safe After Embryo Transfer?

Acupuncture is safe and encouraged following an embryo transfer. We recommend coming in right after your transfer or the following day.

What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture After Embryo Transfer?

Acupuncture improves the blood flow to the uterus and uterine lining while also helping you to relieve lingering stress and anxiety.

When Should I Get Acupuncture for Embryo Transfer?

We recommend starting acupuncture treatments 3-6 months before starting an IVF cycle. You’ll continue treatments during the cycle, including the day before and after embryo transfer.

How Often Should I Get Acupuncture After Embryo Transfer?

You should get acupuncture the day of or the day after embryo transfer. After that, you can resume your regular acupuncture schedule.

Can I Get Acupuncture After Embryo Transfer?

Yes, you can get acupuncture after embryo transfer – we highly recommend getting acupuncture immediately following transfer. Then follow up with regular acupuncture treatments.

What To Expect

You can expect to find a partner in your health journey.

At Transformational Acupuncture, we strive to provide a welcoming environment to each and every patient. We understand traditional healthcare can make some wary of seeking help, even if it’s for the betterment of their health. That’s why we take a holistic approach when treating each person. You will be listened to, treated with respect, and be seen as a true partner in your own health journey.

At the beginning of your treatment you’ll be asked some basic questions so we can establish a good baseline. From there we’ll discuss your specific needs and issues. After hearing from you, we’ll create a holistic plan that is designed to help you live the balanced, healthy life you deserve.

Your Patient Journey

At the beginning of your treatment, you’ll be asked some basic questions so we can establish a good baseline. From there we will discuss your specific needs and issues. After hearing from you, we will create a holistic plan that is designed to help you live the balanced, healthy life you deserve. 

Learn more about your complete patient journey.

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