How to Treat Varicocele Naturally

Our Varicocele treatment also increases the overall health of sperm.

Varicocele Treatment

Varicocele is when the veins in the scrotum become enlarged. This is a very common condition that usually forms during puberty and often is limited to the left side. In most cases, men experience no varicocele symptoms and have no need to correct the condition, however, varicocele can affect sperm health and lead to infertility. Our treatment plans are designed to address this issue by boosting sperm health and improving fertility outcomes.

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Our Holistic Approach to Treating Varicocele

Varicocele treatment is also aimed at increasing sperm health in general. For fertility health, it’s important to step back and take a wider view of the individual so all factors—physical and mental—can be considered in developing treatment. This holistic approach to healing results in better fertility outcomes and better overall health.

Natural Varicocele Treatments

Living with varicocele usually does not disrupt everyday life. In rare cases where there is varicocele pain, your doctor may recommend surgery. Improving sperm health is the other reason men seek treatment for varicocele. There are several natural ways we can help increase sperm health and quality, while also bringing balance to systems throughout the body.

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Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture for Varicocele

Engaging the acupuncture points for varicocele harmonizes the yin, yang, qi, and blood of the body, restoring our natural healing power. Treatments help improve sperm quality, quantity, and motility by helping to moderate the blood flow in the genitals and testes. In turn, blood pressure is reduced as well as stress and anxiety levels. All of these improvements together result in improved fertility outcomes and better semen fluid analysis results.

During treatment, patients can expect to have acupuncture needles placed on the lower abdomen, legs, arms, and sometimes elsewhere, such as the ears. Results can vary based on a number of factors, however, most patients may begin to experience results within 12+ months of receiving weekly treatment. We will likely recommend combining acupuncture with Chinese herbs to maximize effectiveness.

Chinese Herbs for Varicocele

Herbal medicine for varicocele works to increase sperm health and fertility outcomes by harmonizing and moderating the yin, yang, qi, and blood within the body. Treatment also moderates temperature and blood flow to the genitals and testes. Patients will notice the effects of varicocele herbal treatment go beyond improved sperm health, reducing blood pressure, improving erections, increasing libido, and also helping reduce stress and anxiety that often builds when worried over fertility outcomes.

Results can vary based on a number of factors, however, most patients may begin to experience sustained results after 12+ months of weekly treatments. After discussing your health history, we may recommend combining this therapy with acupuncture. We see better outcomes with improved results when these treatments are paired together for fertility treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Varicocele?

Varicocele is an enlargement of the veins in the scrotum. It is a very common condition that forms during puberty. Many men do not notice any symptoms but may find that varicocele is damaging the quality of their sperm. In those cases, fertility treatment is needed. 

What Does Varicocele Look Like?

Varicocele is contained in the scrotum and has been described as looking and feeling like a bag of worms. The enlargement can grow over time, which may cause swelling of the affected testicle (almost always on the left side). 

What Are the Symptoms of Varicocele?

Many men do not experience any symptoms of varicocele. In rare cases, varicocele can cause pain and infertility. Surgery is recommended for those experiencing pain. 

Can Varicocele Cause Pain

In rare cases, varicocele can cause pain. This pain can shift between dull and sharp, increase during physical exertion, worsen throughout the day, and lessen when laying down. Talk to your doctor if experiencing these symptoms. 

Is Varicocele Dangerous?

Varicocele usually does not affect overall health. Pain is reported in some cases and varicocele can also be the cause of infertility. Surgery can treat the veins to reduce or eliminate pain. Fertility treatments are recommended for those who have poor sperm health. 

Can a Varicocele Cause Testicular Cancer?

No, varicocele is not associated with testicular cancer. 

What Causes Varicocele?

The cause of varicocele is largely unknown. Some believe that varicocele forms in the scrotum when the valves in the testicular vein do not work properly, causing blood to collect. 

How Do I Know If I Have Varicocele?

A doctor will need to perform a physical exam to diagnose varicocele. If it is large enough, the doctor can feel the enlargement. A scrotal ultrasound may be needed if the varicocele is small. 

Do Varicoceles Go Away?

Varicocele does not naturally go away and can grow over time. Surgery is the only way to fully repair this condition. 

Can You Have a Baby with Varicocele?

Yes, you and your partner can still conceive with varicocele. Varicocele does not always cause infertility. 

How Does Varicocele Contribute to Male Infertility?

Varicocele can contribute to male infertility. Varicocele can affect the testes’ ability to regulate temperature, which can harm sperm health and production. 

Can Varicocele Infertility Be Reversed?

Varicocele infertility can be reversed with surgery. Alternatively, natural treatments such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs can regulate blood flow and increase sperm health. 

Can a Varicocele Lead to Lower Sperm Count?

Yes, varicocele has been linked with sperm production in some cases. 

Can Varicocele Cause ED?

Varicocele may hurt testosterone levels which can lead to erectile dysfunction. Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction. 

How to Treat Varicocele Without Surgery

There are several ways to treat varicocele without surgery. If the varicocele is causing minor pain, over-the-counter pain meds can help. Acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs are also effective ways to lessen pain and improve sperm health. 

Can Varicocele Be Treated Naturally?

Yes, varicocele can be treated naturally. Surgery is only needed if there is severe pain and/or infertility issues. Acupuncture is an effective way to improve sperm quality, quantity, and motility. This treatment moderates blood flow to the genitals and testes. 

Can Acupuncture Help Varicocele?

Acupuncture helps with infertility associated with varicocele by moderating the blood flow to the genitals and testes. This regulation helps improve sperm production and health. Treatments also lower blood pressure, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and lead to better fertility outcomes

What Happens If Varicocele Is Not Treated?

Varicocele may enlarge over time which can cause the testes to become swollen. However, most cases do not cause any symptoms and may not need to be treated. If there is severe pain or infertility as a result of varicocele, surgery may be recommended.

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At the beginning of your treatment you’ll be asked some basic questions so we can establish a good baseline. From there we’ll discuss your specific needs and issues. After hearing from you, we’ll create a holistic plan that is designed to help you live the balanced, healthy life you deserve.

Your Patient Journey

At the beginning of your treatment, you’ll be asked some basic questions so we can establish a good baseline. From there we will discuss your specific needs and issues. After hearing from you, we will create a holistic plan that is designed to help you live the balanced, healthy life you deserve.

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