Mental & Emotional Health

Acupuncture for Mental & Emotional Health

Through Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, you can make significant strides towards true mental and emotional well-being.

Common Mental & Emotional Conditions Treated

At our acupuncture clinic, we see mental and emotional health as fundamental. In our experience, acupuncture offers a profound approach to healing stress, anxiety, depression, and other related issues. While we have found that many people achieve rapid results in the short term (2-8 weeks), we believe that the key to lasting and sustainable results lies in taking a comprehensive approach.

In addition to Acupuncture, we have also found that Herbal Medicine Consults can be invaluable complements to the healing process.

Below are some common conditions that acupuncture can treat, but if your condition is not listed here, please contact us about it.

How Acupuncture Helped A Client Heal From Depression


I now consider acupuncture a powerful tool to deal with depression.

I came to Transformational Acupuncture with deep depression that accompanied my recovery from a painful back injury. Though my physical pain led me to book my first appointment, the mental benefits of acupuncture are what most exceeded my expectations. I felt a weight lifted after several appointments and now consider acupuncture a powerful tool to deal with depression. Jeremy is an attentive listener and has encouraged me to consider depression in a new, less self-judging way that has ultimately eased its symptoms. I knew very little about acupuncture but am so glad I gave it a try at Transformational Acupuncture. I would recommend anyone considering it to do the same!

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A Complement to Therapy and Medication

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are body-centered, helping you experience deeper internal relaxation, stress reduction, and increased internal energy flow and balance. This makes them excellent complements to psychotherapy, counseling, and psychiatric treatment.

If you are transitioning off of medication, or are experiencing unwanted side effects, acupuncture can help reduce your side effect symptoms. In addition, the combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and psychotherapy often helps people avoid the need to start or restart a regime of medication.

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