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Transformational Acupuncture Rates

Our Rates

  • New Patient Acupuncture: $180
  • New Patient Acupuncture + Herbal Medicine: $180
  • New Patient Herbal Medicine: $125
    (not including cost of herbs)
  • Follow-up Acupuncture: $105
  • Follow-up Acupuncture + Herbal Medicine consult: $105
    (not including cost of herbs)
  • Follow-up Acupuncture + Cupping: $105
  • Follow-up stand-alone Herbal Medicine consult: $75
    (not including cost of herbs)

If you have an FSA or HSA, you can use it for your acupuncture sessions with us. Learn more about HSA or FSA for acupuncture

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Please contact us or give us a call at (202)297-7404 if you have any questions.

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