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Spiritual Netflix, Paleo Bandwagon and Meditation Update

Hi all, here’s our 3-bullet Thursday for April 6: Our spiritual Netflix Nadia and I like to watch our nighttime tv occasionally, and often we’re in the mood for something spiritual. is basically our spiritual netflix, with 2 hour interviews of over 390 spiritual teachers. Conducted by Rick Archer, they cover a wide range […]

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Where to Get Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a hot topic across the country, from West Coast nutrition clinics to Washington DC acupuncture offices. It isn’t just a fad, though – research shows the correct level of vitamin D can be extremely beneficial. It can help in many areas, such as: Improving your mood Increasing your energy level Helping you […]

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How to Eat and Prepare "Real Food"

Just before the holidays, a patient of mine asked me a simple question: What do you eat? She was interested in changing her diet to improve her health.  We had talked about including more whole foods, vegetables, protein, high quality fats from real foods, fiber from whole food sources, and so on. So, I was […]

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