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Busy Person Lies, Meditation Study Group, Cool Stuff a Client is Doing

Here’s this week’s 3-bullet Thursday – what we’re loving this week! How do you actually spend your time? The Busy Person’s Lies: This is a cool article from the NYT where several people actually tracked every hour spent for a year, and ended up challenging some of their own core assumptions: “I don’t have any […]

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How to design your weekly routine

First, a provocative question for you… In the last month, what percentage of your free time did you spend doing things that are “important” or “meaningful” to you–things that “matter”? If you are like most people, your answer is WELL under 50%. To increase that percentage, please accept this free download that has helped me and […]

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Getting things done: an art worth mastering

Here’s another one for the “why-don’t-they-teach-this-in-grade-school” list: rock-solid organizational skills. Life as we now know it has so many of us feeling like we’re jugglers who never learned how to juggle. And while some of us have an innate (or even learned) ability to address, track and execute all aspects of work-home-family-friends-technology, I don’t know […]

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