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Andrei Stoica
My interest in the healing arts can be traced back to my teens, when I first became interested in personal development and spiritual cultivation through martial arts and meditation. Since then, I have developed my interest in a number of healing arts, from Chinese Medicine to acroyoga.
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

After being steeped in the healing arts for several years (more information below), I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and took a course in Acroyoga and Chinese Medicine. In the course, we looked at how the principles of Chinese Medicine could be applied to our Acroyoga practices. This was a breakthrough for me: it rooted me back to my original practice in Chinese martial and meditative arts from my teen years, and it became clear to me that I wanted to study Chinese Medicine. Soon after, I started a 4-year acupuncture program at AIMC Berkeley.

Medical Qigong

Within Chinese Medicine, I developed a particular interest in Medical Qigong, which is the energy medicine branch of Chinese Medicine. It is rooted in ancient Daoist and Buddhist meditation and healing practices. It inspires the practitioner to cultivate themselves first by taking up a series of practices, forms and meditations to develop their energy, then share this practice by teaching or by treating through energy emission. During treatments, the practitioner will intuitively diagnose the patient and treat the specific energetic imbalances that they find. Typically the practitioner gives exercises – either physical movements or meditations – that help the patient restore balance to their body and empowers them to cultivate wellness for themselves.


During my undergraduate education at Georgetown, I became fascinated with the Yoga tradition. I had become a regular at Down Dog Yoga, where I would eventually become part of the staff and took my first Teacher Training. I also was fortunate enough to participate in a study that allowed me to learn Transcendental Meditation (TM) which was one of the greatest gifts I have received in my life. After a few years practicing yoga, I was particularly inspired by Sri Dharma Mittra and completed his Life of a Yogi training.

Movement practice

After a few years living in DC working in yoga, I discovered acrobatics. I started practicing Acroyoga, which is a blend of partner acrobatics, yoga, and Thai massage. Through my Acroyoga community, I found flying trapeze and became an instructor at Trapeze School New York’s Washington DC location.

Bodywork practice

As my physical practice was developing and becoming more dynamic, I also found the healing arts, originally in the form of Thai massage. What I immediately loved about Thai massage was that it was a really great way to share my movement practice and connect with others to bring about health and wellness through movement. This was a breakthrough for me as it was my introduction to my study of the healing arts and a way that I could share my passion for self cultivation with others. It was also a blessing to have many friends in the acrobatics world–I was able to help them through all kinds of tension and injuries that can occur as a result of rigorous training. Thai massage was my gateway to a my formal bodywork training, where I focused on acupressure, craniosacral and shiatsu. I also had the pleasure of training directly with Hugh Milne, who teaches Visionary Craniosacral Work, a beautiful, heart-centered, intuitive look at craniosacral therapy, which involves sensing the subtle shifts in the skeletal system and fluid body.

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