Marianna’s education & training

Marianna Csaszar - Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist
Beginning with Zen Shiatsu

My first exposure to East-Asian Medicine was through Zen Shiatsu bodywork. During the transitional years of my freelance designer phase I was seeking out various methods of holistic self-care; yoga, meditation, and the bodywork therapy that somehow manages to infuse the benefits of the two, shiatsu.

The philosophy behind this healing art resonated with me so much, I decided to complete the full two year training program at Zen Shiatsu Chicago. I was well into the program when the actual Chinese medicine course segments started, introducing us to the theories upon which Zen Shiatsu is based.  

I was already wide-eyed by the beauty, truth, and deep wisdom I encountered while learning about Zen Shiatsu practice and theory. It was a transformational part of my life; the first time I truly felt a conscious connection between body and mind, learned about the many aspects of health, and understood the true meaning of holistic healthcare.

Hungry for knowledge

From the very beginning of my studies I felt an intense calling to learn all I possibly could.  When the Chinese medicine courses started I understood just how much there is to learn. It was like getting a peek into a vast treasure chest of knowledge—my mind had never been as intellectually stimulated before than when I got to learn about how the human body, mind, and spirit work.

Onward to acupuncture school

After a couple of years of practicing as a shiatsu practitioner, I followed this passion to gain an education in Chinese medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. There I was exposed to the foundations of both Western and Eastern Medicine through a program fostering an integrative and holistic approach to healthcare. I trained in various styles of acupuncture, including Japanese Meridian Therapy, and herbal medicine.

In Chicago I was especially inspired by one of my mentors, Dr. Lixin Sha. It was inspiring to see acupuncture and Chinese medicine used as family medicine in the truest sense; serving generations of families through major life events ranging from fertility and conception to support through pregnancy and postpartum care; from minor colds and musculoskeletal injuries through the more serious health issues patients face throughout their lives.

What drew me to Chinese Medicine is its capacity to treat people on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It never ceases to amaze me to see the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) transformations patients can go through with the help of this medicine.

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