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We hold and host a number of different events, including classes, workshops and study/book groups. Our intention is to offer a space for people to work on their health and happiness in a group setting.

Tea Meditation Ceremony

with Jeremy Riesenfeld, L.Ac.

Join us on Saturday mornings for a Tea Meditation Ceremony! Not widely known in the West (or in many places in the East), tea can be used as a powerful instrument for cultivating your ability to meditate.

Tea helps to calm the mind, create a sense of inner stillness and peace, and allows the breathing to deepen. It’s truly a beautiful experience for all of the senses, and a truly “present” way to spend an hour with other humans.

Dates and times:

  • Dates: Saturdays through August. Switches to Sundays in September 2019; ongoingly.
  • Class time: 10am – 11:15am
  • Location: Transformational Acupuncture
    1645 Connecticut NW, 3rd Floor
    Washington DC, 20009
  • Cost: $25/person

Registration: Please register online ahead of time here.

Instructor: Jeremy Riesenfeld, L.AC., M.AC.

Jeremy Reisenfeld, Acupuncturist and Founder of Transformational Acupuncture

Discover 3 new things each week with our 3-Bullet Thursday—where clinic founder, Jeremy, reports from the trenches of holistic health and personal transformation.

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1645 Connecticut Ave NW,
3rd floor
Washington, DC 20009
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