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Adventures in Learning

We hold and host a number of different events, including classes, workshops and study/book groups. Our intention is to offer a space for people to work on their health and happiness in a group setting.

Herb Study Group

with Jeremy Riesenfeld, L.Ac.

Join us on the second Monday of each month to study herbs! We’re going to pick one herb per month and plumb its depths. For the most part, we’ll be picking western herbs that grow out here, locally.

The Intellectual Side

We’ll be looking at what symptoms the herb treats, physiological actions, and mental and emotional effects. We’ll look at the energetics of that herb from traditional Western, Ayurvedic, and Chinese medicine angles. We’ll look at the Western Medical Astrology of that herb. We’ll talk about the historical lineage of western herbalism (which is really cool because it’s unexpectedly super holistic and mind/body), look at images of the plant in the wild, and discuss how it’s prepared for various ailments, etc.

The Experiential Side

First we’ll be trying the tea (infusion) brewed at 3 different strengths: intense, medium, low. It can be an eye opener to realize the depths of difference in mental/emotional/physical effect of an herb at higher and lower concentrations.

Next, the tincture. And finally, the essential oil. (And if we get wild and crazy, we’ll get the spagyric preparation—an herbal preparation from the western alchemical tradition). We’ll sample these various preparations in a meditative space so we can all feel the effects in body, emotions, and mind.

We’ll have a chance to discuss and compare notes along the way. (Btw, if you’re sensitive, or for any other reason would rather not sample some or all of the herbs, not a problem. You can just hang out and chill with us).

Having Fun & Building Community

I’m doing this for fun. My hope is to build some community, and have some fun learning some dorky, nerdy, exciting herb stuff. I’ll be facilitating, and at the same time I hope to gain knowledge from everyone in the group, and will welcome contributions during class or ideas for things we can cover.

Some of my main herbal inspirations: Peter Holmes’ Energetics of Western Herbs, and Aromatica: A Clinical Guide to Essential Oil Therapeutics, as well as Sajah Popham’s Evolutionary Herbalism courses.

April Class Info

  • Herb: Lemon Balm!
  • Class time/date: Monday April 8th 6-8 pm
  • Location: Seylou Bakery 926 N St. NW
  • Materials fee: $20
  • Class limit: 16 per class

Registration: Please register online ahead of time, so I have time to prep your materials for you. Walk-ins are allowed only if there’s enough space.

Instructor: Jeremy Riesenfeld, L.AC., M.AC.

Jeremy Reisenfeld, Acupuncturist and Founder of Transformational Acupuncture

Discover 3 new things each week with Jeremy's 3-Bullet Thursday

Clinic founder, Jeremy, reports from the trenches of holistic health and personal transformation.

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