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Let’s get together while we’re apart

We’re offering free daily online meditation events while the clinic is closed. Please join us once, sporadically or daily – whatever works for you! Details and registration info below.

20-Minute Group Meditation Mon-Thurs at 8pm EST on Zoom

with Nadia Bouhdili

Seasoned meditators and first-timers alike are welcome to join me for my evening sit—a very grounding way to bring the day to a close. This is not a class, but rather, an opportunity to sit in the (virtual) presence of others. I’ll be your host and MC.


Please click here to register.

After registering, you will be redirected to a page that contains the link to join our meeting (the same link will be good to join all future scheduled meetings). You will also receive a confirmation email, which will also contain the “Join Meeting” link.

Sweet ‘n simple Format

  1. Start with a 10-minute guided “warm-up” meditation to ground and center
  2. Followed by a 20-minute sit (preceded by brief instruction for those who would like it)
  3. Once per week (on Mondays): concluding with an optional check-in: let us know how you’re doing, make comments, ask questions, etc.


  • Cultivate calm in a time of uncertainty
  • Boost your immune system
  • Get support to start or maintain a daily meditation practice
  • Enhance self awareness
  • Reduce stress & control anxiety
  • Boost your mood
  • Bring awareness to your body & emotions
  • Get better rest
  • Lengthen attention span
  • See my face (you decide whether or not to show yours)
  • Not nearly enough space to list all of the benefits of meditation.

Meditation resources

All of our blog articles on meditation, particularly exploring the benefits. For example, how meditation can…

  • make problems less “problematic”
  • enhance positive emotions
  • render negative feelings easier to field
  • reduce judgemental-ness
  • enhance awareness of your inner life
  • help you navigate big existential and spiritual questions

Check out our blog articles on meditation here.

A wonderful YouTube video a beginner’s meditation instruction by Malika Bouhdili of Lotus Well-Being.

Also by Malika Bouhdili of Lotus Well-Being—a truly helpful YouTube video about how to meditate with sadness.

Feel free to share with family and friends who may be interested!

Questions? Please contact me here.

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