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We’re in potently transformational times. Gain new perspectives, insights, and skills for your toolbox, tailored specifically to what you’re facing in your personal health, life and journey.

What is Mind-Body Health Coaching?

Mind-Body Health Coaching is a catalyst for helping you take the next step in your healing process. If you feel stuck in any area of your emotional, mental or physical health, our coaching may be perfect for you.

Many clients use Mind-Body Health Coaching sessions as a time to:

  • go deep with their emotional healing process;
  • examine their careers, relationships and overall life purpose;
  • discuss their spiritual life, personal growth and evolution.

If you suffer from chronic illness, we can also help you gain an emotional and spiritual perspective, and what you can actively do about the feelings of frustration, inadequacy, low self-esteem, and self-criticism that are often inevitable aspects of the chronic illness journey.

The Benefits

Through deep listening, spiritual counseling and support, and practical life coaching skills, we can support you in finding greater emotional peace, physical wellbeing, and inner transformation.

Together with you, in conversation, we identify the areas that are your priorities and focus our health coaching efforts there.

Mind-Body Health Coaching can help you:

  • Discover underlying lifestyle factors that are contributing to your health issues;
  • Identify lifestyle modifications most likely to provide the most impactful benefits for your body, emotions and mind;
  • Take steps to practice and integrate these lifestyle alterations with skilled support to create lasting, positive changes in your wellbeing.

How It Works

At your first session, we will get a thorough history of what’s happening in your life right now and any historical factors that are particularly important. Sometimes, this stage can take 2-3 sessions, depending on the complexity of your situation.

In subsequent sessions, we will explore the mind-body context of your top health and life issues and discuss what treatments and practices are best suited to you. During each session, we’ll identify homework and take-home practices for you to move your healing process forward.

Based on your needs, we may delve into strategies for:

  • stress management,
  • time management,
  • nutrition,
  • exercise,
  • clutter clearing and organization,
  • and other lifestyle recommendations.

To help enhance your body’s healing process and calm your nervous system, we may also include various forms of energy medicine.

Particularly helpful to clients has been:

  • Guided meditation for grounding and centering
  • Guided breathing exercises to balance the nervous system
  • Guided qigong exercise for clearing stuck energy out of the body
  • Guided acupressure points, personalized based on your needs and current challenges.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

We will begin with an initial session. If coaching seems like a good fit for you, we recommend continuing with a series of 4 sessions so we can solidly get to know you and begin to address your major concerns. We’ll evaluate your progress at that point and suggest a plan with next steps.

Some people find that these initial 5 sessions are perfect for them, and others find significant benefit from coming to regular sessions over a period of several months.

Sessions are 75 minutes in length.

Your Practitioner

I have a passion for helping people understand the broader context of their health issues, and for coaching people on topics of deep importance and meaning in their lives. Read more about my philosophy and personal journey.

What is it like to work with Jeremy?

AHage 43

Coaching with Jeremy: deep listening and insights

I have been coming in for a couple of months now and it has been a lifeline for me. In my search for an acupuncturist, I initially was looking for a female because the issues I have been struggling with seemed to me, at the time, better suited for a female to assist me with. But when I found Jeremy Riesenfeld online and read about his journey, my inner spirit knew that he was the one I needed to go to. It took courage for me to share my innermost self with him in our very first session, but I also knew that I needed to have courage and trust that he could only help me if I bared my soul to him. And I was right!

I have had many acupuncture sessions over the last 20 years, but none of them have been as profoundly effective as Jeremy’s. He has and continues to engage in his own deep, transformational work which makes him a truly effective counselor and acupuncturist. Jeremy always presents very grounded in our sessions. He is an incredible listener with deep insights to share and invites others to view obstacles and struggles from different perspectives rather than with judgment or black/white thinking.

I feel safe, heard and understood in a session with Jeremy. And I always walk out feeling like a million bucks on every level. Jeremy is such a blessing to me and all of his clients!

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What Is The Cost?

  • Cost for a Mind-Body Health Coaching session is $150.
  • Packages available, please contact us for more information

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Take Your Healing Process One Step Deeper

Confronting your own physical, emotional, and mental issues can be a daunting process, full of disorientation, fear, anger, and frustration. Navigating your own emotional, personal and spiritual healing process can seem overwhelming and sometimes hopeless. Trust us, we’ve been there. Use our experience to your benefit, and gain new perspectives, insights, and skills for your healing toolbox that are tailored specifically to you and your particular situation. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!

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