What we treat

We have successfully helped our patients with a wide variety of health issues, from digestive disorders and seasonal allergies, to muscle and joint pain, to stress, anxiety, and depression. Whether your goal is to heal a health symptom naturally and without side effects, or to comprehensively change your lifestyle on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, we are here to assist you.
Physical Conditions
Chinese medicine offers a truly holistic approach to healing physical health issues. In addition, acupuncture can work quickly: often health issues will significantly improve within 4 – 6 visits. For these reasons, we suggest you try acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a first line of defense when tackling a physical health issue. Learn More About the Physical Conditions We Treat
Mental & Emotional Conditions

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine offer powerful ways to heal patterns of stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. While many people achieve rapid results in the short term (2-8 weeks), we believe that the key to lasting and sustainable results lies in taking a comprehensive approach. And that’s just the kind of approach we take at our clinic.

Learn More About the Mental and Emotional Conditions We Treat

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