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The perfect warm up for Washingtonians

Here we’re using the word “Washingtonian” as a synonym for “insanely busy”. So part of this warm-up’s perfection is that it’s QUICK while still being thorough. Plus, it has a great dramatic name: The ***SPARTAN DYNAMIC WARM-UP*** (followed by the DYNAMIC STRETCH, both by Funk Roberts) How better to warm up than like a Spartan? […]

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Born to Run: A Book Review Plus Some Thoughts on "Barefoot" Running

Ah, just got finished with a 3 hour walkabout through Rock Creek Park!  As you DC residents know, this entire weekend was absolutely beautiful, and it was a pleasure to be outside. Beautiful Creek As many of you know, there is a revolution of sorts sweeping the running and walking world.  That revolution is a […]

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